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Gian Luca Greco - Atrigna & Partners

Gian Luca Greco



Law and regulation of banks, anti-money laundering, crypto assets, fintech

and payment services



  • Graduated magna cum laude in Economics and Banking at the University of Siena.

  • Degree magna cum laude in Law at the University of Camerino.

  • Specialization Diploma in Banking Disciplines at the University of Siena.

  • Research Doctorate in Legislation and Banking Law at the University of Siena (administrative office), Ferrara, Naples "Federico II" and Pisa (partnership offices).


Supreme Court Attorney, Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor.

He was Head of Legal and Compliance in some banking groups for over 15 years.

Member and Vice-President (appointed by the Bank of Italy) of the Turin Board of the Financial Banking Arbitrator. Formerly a member of the Milan Board of the Financial Banking Arbitrator from 2012 to 2015.


Associate Professor of Economic Law at the State University of Milan, where he teaches "European integration and market regulation" and "Market Regulation and Business Practices".

Lecturer in PhD courses, Masters and Specialization.

He is the author and co-author of three books, including "Financial intermediaries in the consolidated banking act" and "Advice in the financial market between special law and common law", and over 100 publications on economic law and commercial law .

The main areas of interest in professional activity and scientific research pertain to the study of regulated economic activities on a public and private level, with particular attention to banking and finance.

The economic and legal training that distinguishes Gian Luca has facilitated an interdisciplinary approach, aimed at highlighting the impact of regulation on business activity and competitive dynamics, as well as the consequences in order to protect public interests typical of financial markets.

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