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Corporate governance intermediari finanziari 

Corporate governance financial intermediaries 

The Firm assists intermediaries in defining governance structures, including roles, responsibilities and delegated powers, as well as in examining the qualitative/quantitative composition of top management bodies.


The Partners of the Firm also take on positions within the corporate bodies of intermediaries, even in the liquidation phase, contributing with specific know-how of a regulatory and operational nature.


The Firm is also specialized in defining and verifying the requisites of integrity, professionalism and independence, with a particular focus also on cases of incompatibility of various kinds, including cases of interlocking.


Over the years, the Firm has developed significant experience in the field of administrative liability of entities, with particular regard both to the drafting of organizational models and related protocols, and to assistance in drafting internal procedures resulting from the adoption of the aforementioned models, as well as in 'assumption of duties of members of the SB.

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